Jiangsu Henoder Nightwear Co., Ltd.
aims to providing the unique and best clothing products to our customers, to turning ourself into the pioneer of market, and to establishing good word of mouth in this industry.  Depending on our best employees, team spirits, proffessional management, and extensive market experience, we are providing the high quality products and services to our customers. 


Hender Nightwear Factory Limited(HK), was established in 1982, which is mainly  producing pajamas for men, women, kids, and babies.  Our main office is located in Hong Kong and responsible for the sales and management of the whole business.  Our products are mainly exporting to Europe and US countries, most of our customers are international brands and retailers. 

In September 2009, Hender Nightwear Factory Limited(HK) established an new factory, Jiangsu Henoder Nightwear Co., Ltd., which manufacturing woven and knitted pajamas (including cotton fannel, poplin, yard dyed, satin, micro fleece, sherpa, and single jersey etc) in Siyang, Jiangsu.  Our factory occupies 22.73 acre with building area over 74,000 sq. metres.  In our 32,000 sq. metres' workshop, we have 45 production lines, 1,800 employees and 1,400 sets "BROTHER" and "YAMATO" automatic sewing machine, which manufacturing 1,200,000 pajamas monthly.  Our factory also have 15,000 sq. metres' warehouse for storing all our products safely.  We also provide other supporting facilities to improve our employees' producing and living standard.

Quality-oriented - Our factory has an independent Technical and Quality Control Department to inspect daily conditions of each production line and aims to manufacturing the high quality products by using advanced techniques.  说明: cj-54.jpg

Customer Service
By providing the unexpected customer-oriented service, our factory aims to build up long term relationship with our customers. 

Jiangsu Henoder Nightwear Co., Ltd. getting success due to the efforts of all employees.  They work together with great enthusiasm and continuous improvement of their working skill

Planning and Development
Jiangsu Henoder Nightwear Co., Ltd. plans to expand the supply chain to its upstream by establishing a weaving and dyeing mill.  We believe that this can strengthen our competitive advantage in this industry and controling the quality of the fabrics directly